Saturday, May 2, 2009

Garlic, skunks, and holly

At the open garden a nice man asked what the bottom of my plentifulgarlic plants look like now. I pulled one up, and it looked like -- well,like one bulb with promise. I put it back, and almost immediately felt asense of guilt for not giving it to the nice man.
The guilt has grown (Fred says this is a middle class hazard), and now Iam facing up to the situation of having FAR more more garlic plants than I can possibly use. One "solution" is to put them in the holes that the skunks keep digging in my garden by night, having noticed that they don't seem to invade the places where the garlic is. It's nice to have skunks taking my grubs, but enough is enough! Surely they can find more useful places to dig than the place they dug last night.
This still leaves me with far more garlic than I can use. I suspect each needs a decent space to develop an entire garlic bulb like the ones in the stores. I had plenty last year and don't need more this year. So I've begun digging them out. They are in a bucket on my front steps at 56 Gordonhurst Avenue. You may take out as many as you can use. I doubt that anyone will want a garden full of garlic! They don't taste much different (if any) from bought garlic (unlike most fresh veggies), but they are reputed to deter woodchucks. All I have are descended from ONE bulb bought some years ago.
So if one of these survives in your yard, you too could be giving away garlic some day. I don't know how long they will survive in the bucket, but I'm sure the sooner they are replanted, the better.
I'm ashamed at how long it took me to realize I should be doing this. I should have given them away at last week's open garden. Enough! How much do guilt trips (and trying to repress them) explain human misinteractions?
Just this morning I notice some "small" holly trees under the mother holly in my front yard. Do anyone want to dig one or two out and take it to a more promising home? This can be done only by appointment, so if you are interested, let me know when you are available.

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