Monday, June 1, 2009

Male zucchini needed urgently

I suspect you never received an email with that heading before. I have a gardening problem that is absolutely unprecendented in either my 34 previous years of gardening or my reading. My female zucchinis are thriving EARLY and my males appear to be... uhm... castrated.

Can anyone bring a healthy male zucchini flower to 56 Gordonhurst in the next couple of hours?

He will have TWO opportunities to promulgate his genes. Of course, humans will eat the product of his efforts, but who knows what will happen then? I habitually help my male flowers get acquainted with their female flower friends in case my bees don't notice the opportunity, but never (can that be?) have I had females with no healthy males having matured yet. One female was unsatisfied the day before yesterday, so this would be three if I get no help.


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