Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Freebees and planting out tomatoes

I can't believe that only one person was interested in free arugula or pac choi seedings; probably burying the offer in the middle of a long email did me in. Anyway, there are now arugula seedlings on the LEFT side of the steps at 56 Gordonhurst Avenue, and pac choi seedlings on the right -- looking for a good home. Both are in containers that may last a while in a south-facing window.
It probably wouldn't be outrageous (or murderous) to put them outside now, but I recommend a window until the seedlings are as tall as their container if you do have a south or eastern facing window sill.

Yes, we surely will have more frost, and possibly more snow. Knowing that, I am "taken in" by this lovely spring weather, and this morning Fred and I put out the large pea fence. My plan this afternoon is to put out some senior tomato plants, started in January, under wall-of-waters so that they can be large enough to protect the peas, which I will plant later than usual, from roaming groundhog arms. Groundhogs (aka "woodchucks") don't seem to care for tomato PLANTS, although they are happy to take bites out of large tomatoes. The tomatoes on these plants will be tiny, beneath the dignity of a groundhog.
I've been scrambling to finish up my pruning, much too late. However, pruning in heavy snow on the ground was unappealing, not to mention on snow-laden trees. Here's hoping!


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